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Speaking on Sky News Australia, she defended the French presidential hopeful, 39, and his wife Brigitte Trogneux, 64, who married her former drama student 10 years ago.

They first met when he was 15 years old and she was a 40-year-old married mother-of-three.

She said: “I think that sort of pop psychology is rubbish, this idea there must necessarily be something wrong with this man.“And we could draw all these conclusions from that particular behaviour, who knows? All it says, is that relationships are really complex and they’ve been together for 10 years.“And they obviously have something of lasting rewarding union there – and bully for them I say.”The 2007 marriage comes after Mr Macron’s parents sent him to Paris when he was 17 to continue his studies after learning about his relationship with Ms Trogneux.

His mother spoke to Anna Fulda, author of the book Emmanuel Macron: A Perfect Young Man and revealed that she initially thought that her son was interested in Brigitte’s daughter Laurence, who was one of his classmates.“We couldn’t believe it.

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