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It was valued at £30,000 but he traded it for an army lorry and an Abbot self-propelled gun with previous owner Joe Hewes, who had restored the vehicle without discovering the bounty.Northamptonshire Police took the bars away after responding to Mead and Chamberlain's call then placed them in a safe deposit in London while enquiries are made.

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Many Kurdish fighters assumed alternative names in combat, as per Middle Eastern tradition. Diana - Da-ya-na - was what my older son called me. For some reason, he couldn't say Daya, and called me Dayana.

But that wasn't her first foray into the mountains to join the armed struggle for Kurdish independence.

Hero was 10 years old when Iraq's newly installed monarchy was overthrown by a coup d'etat - in what came to be known as the July 14 Revolution.

And yet, these Amazonian fighters are nothing new in Kurdish culture and history.

A generation ago, Hero was among the 50 or so women who joined their husbands and brothers in the war of resistance against Iraq's Baathist regime.

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