Automatic firmware updating blue ray

Read the software agreement carefully and download the file only if you agree with the contents. If You do not agree to the terms of the Agreement, you may not download or use the Software any more. The right to download and use the Software is granted by JVC KENWOOD Corporation ("JKC") to end-user ("You") only on the condition that You agree to the following Agreement.The next time the unit powers up, the player will see that an update is available and will automatically prompt you to update the firmware for your 751BD/651BD (so long as firmware notification is ON in the Device Setup Menu).Alternatively, select Upgrade Firmware – Via Network, also within the Device Setup menu.If you are at all unsure about carrying out the update yourself, please contact your dealer, who will be happy to update your 751BD/651BD for you.The extracted file is a folder called UPG, and within this folder is the ‘751BDCU.bin’ update file.

If You are an agency of the United States of America (the "Government"), You acknowledge JKC's representation that the Software is a "Commercial Item" as defined in Federal Acquisition Regulation ("FAR") 2.101 (b) of Part 2 consisting of unpublished "Commercial Computer Software" as those items are used at FAR 12.212 of Part 12 and is only licensed to You with the same use rights JKC grants all commercial end users pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.You have the right to download the Software onto Your PC, and then use such Software installed onto the Product connecting such Your PC.You can make a copy of the Software for the back-up and archival purpose only.This Agreement will become effective on the date when You download the Software, and continue to be in effect until the termination under the reasons described as below: Should You breach any provision of this Agreement, JKC may terminate this Agreement without giving any notice to You.In this event, JKC may claim against You any damages caused by Your breach.

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