Ms essentials not updating

Knowing what to do when update problems occur can help keep you happy with the free protection Microsoft provides.The main issue with MSE updates is that it updates once every 24 hours, but only if your PC is turned on and connected to the Internet.If this is your first update of MSE, that may likely be the cause of your delay.The MSE file you first download is small and does not include all of the features.Leo advises simply uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials and then reinstalling it.

Any help or assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. then I would try to uninstall it and go back to Microsoft and reinstall it It still won't let me update Microsoft Security Essentials however, and I'm getting an error message I was getting before, I forgot to mention it.I'm running a 64bit version of Windows 7 on a computer that's a few years old.I recently installed malwarebytes, and found a few trojans and a good bit of adware. I quarantined the viruses, but just now my computer has been acting absurdly laggy, taking about 10 seconds to allow me to type anything into Firefox.Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.Microsoft Security Essentials is a free download from Microsoft that is simple to install, easy to use, and always kept up to date so you can be assured your PC is protected by the latest technology.

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