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C'est pendant l'année qu'il a passée à Paris que David Jacobson a commencé à écrire le scénario de Down in the valley, dont l'idée de base était d'évoquer la vallée de San Fernando et le fait d'y grandir.

Le cinéaste explique : "C'était assez étrange d'écrire sur un endroit comme la vallée de San Fernando tout en vivant à Paris.

More about all the characters will be known as soon as other episodes come.

She and all other hosts (androids) in the park follow a scripted routine but there are deviations. She is the oldest host in the park thus she has the longest history and memories from the park.

At first it is a fun, contemporary whirlwind romance: hooking up right away, getting romantic, having a quickie and dating afterwards.

Harlan seems really nice, Lonnie likes him and the only problem seems to be that Wade hates this guy. 1) Anyone who has seen David Morse, Evan Rachel Wood or Edward Norton before in a film know that they are never bad.

You never know what happens to Dolores Abernathy since only the 3rd episode of the series has been out. Born in 1987 in Raleigh, Rachel Wood was already interested to be an actress due to the influence of her father, Ira David Wood III, who is a theatre actor and director and her mother Sara Wood, who is also an actress.

So she went that route and so did her brothers Dana Wood and Ira David Wood IV, who also come up as actors.

Harlan is full of surprises and they are not good ones.

As the story progresses, we start to realize maybe Harlan has more problems than wishing he lived in a western. 2) I have loved Morse ever since he co-starred in House in season 3, as the only guy who seemed smart enough to really give House hell.

But ordering a teenager not to see her boyfriend never works. It has some action, but if you consider at a romance, the little action will please you rather than disappoint. It was brilliant to see our pill-popping, brilliant yet unconventional doctor had finally met his match-in a cop-who was out to get him.

She smokes, takes drugs and doesn’t mind inviting the cute southern cowboy wannabe Harlan (Edward Norton) to the beach.

She doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that she just met him or he is older than her.

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