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I want her to know that I am very much in love with her son and that I care about her deeply, too.I also want to stop feeling offended that she has made little effort to meet me because I know it's not completely her fault.Heck, even couples who promise themselves that they’ll never use sappy pet names usually use them eventually anyway!And here’s a warning: far too often, those cheesy pet names aren’t ones that we choose for ourselves.Do you have any advice that could help me in this situation?Dear Longing: You and I are both guessing about this woman's condition, but I doubt it is "undiagnosable." It is undiagnosed, however, or at least you haven't been told her diagnosis.

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No matter what, it is important to discuss money and finances, and agree on some basics before marriage.(You can contact Amy Dickinson via email: [email protected] also realize that there are some underlying mental health issues that have been created because of her inability to leave her home or interact with others.I hate feeling this way because I understand that she is really struggling, but our relationship has gotten very serious and I worry that I won't even meet her until our wedding day, if it gets that far.Whatever her malady, you are making a mistake to take this personally.She was this way before you came along and she may not improve without treatment.

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