Nstableview not updating

For the most part there’s a cloud of darkness engulfing 50…is a finely tuned piece that surveys the looming thunderclouds of mortality and the biblical gloom of the times, and —quietly, unshowily—transcends both…His stellar vocals and Steve Gunn’s atmospheric production elevate this to one of the guitarists’s best.I have the following currently: This may not be exactly what you want, but it might help.I had the problem with getting the row that was right clicked to get a context menu.

What I would like to achieve is something like this: Dev Express Grid Table with fixed columns The table at the above links can have "fixed" columns, which does not scroll with the other content. Bounds Changed Notification, Bounds Did Change Notification, table1. there are some bounds equality checks to avoid an eventual infinite loop (table1 tells table2 to sync and then table2 tels table1 and so on, forever).The Left and Right sides should not scroll, so should "float". Ok, there still should be a way to achieve this floating behavior via hacking the drawing of the columns... But still, I did not start to implement the above one, because my is slow enough already (NSTableview View Based Scrolling Performance), and I'm sure these plus things would slow it down horribly. You will have to convert this to obj c/swift yourself. (Replace "table View" with the NSTable View instance in your delegate.) See NSTable View Reference's reload Data Edit: I imagine for an NSDictionary Controller reload Data won't do much. (True stories: David Bowie enlisted Ronson in the Spiders from Mars as a direct result of his superb playing on Chapman’s , John Peel’s favorite album of 1970.

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