Sexscam chat

They search chat rooms for children to befriend and victimize.

They send the children e-mails, instant messages, and obscene photographs.

The defendant propositioned her using explicit language and sent her obscene photographs.

He set up a meeting to have sex with his young victim.

Little did he know the teen was really a San Diego Police Officer.

He was arrested and in May 2001, was convicted of multiple local and federal charges.

The "girl" was really a 20-year-old television reporter.

The defendant was forced to resign from the Vista School District and barred from teaching in California.

He met the girl in a chat room and went to meet her in person for sexual activities.

Military Communications Director Snagged in Internet Sex Scam: In July 2000, a defendant used the Internet to arrange a sex date with someone he thought was a 12-year-old girl.

He traveled more than 1,400 miles from Idaho to have sex with his victim. Career Navy Legal Assistant Sentenced to Prison: In January 2002, a man was sentenced to state prison for the attempted molestation of two children.

All things went well, except for one snag – a man who claimed to be the “agent” of Le Le texted Kong and told him that he needed to pay a “deposit”.

“He said I had to pay S00 as a deposit in the form of i Tunes credits.

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