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She dutifully reels a Maraschino cherry into her mouth. I make everyone feel good, and then I end up feeling good."If you still think about Paris Hilton, you probably don't imagine a dogged work ethic, or any generosity at all, including to strangers. The woman whom , documenting Hilton and her then–best friend, Nicole Richie, taking on (and often failing spectacularly at) various manual and service jobs, relied on the assumption that she and Richie had nothing useful to contribute to the labor force, is a diligent and productive businesswoman."That was so awkward," she whispers as she slides down. The mid-aughts-era misdemeanors, jail time, and on-again, off-again engagements have given way to "optimizing her time"—meaning stacking her schedule with monetizing opportunities.Joy Room is waiting for Paris Hilton to start having fun.But inside this throbbing club in Mexico City, at around 3 a.m.Hilton has been unfailingly polite and patient for the dozen hours I've seen her promoting her latest fragrance, Gold Rush.(For about 1,000 Mexican pesos, or around 50 bucks, it smells like the "warmth and radiance of gold and the rush of two hearts colliding," according to marketing materials.) That's why she's here, by the way—Mexico represents a big market for Hilton's fragrances, and it's time to launch her 22nd.There are, after all, sparklers bursting from champagne bottles.

Nothing, not even a velvet rope, separates us from the hovering paparazzi and the selfie takers pointing their phones down at our booth. "This is why I wear sunglasses," she says, as I blink at the flashing bulbs surrounding us.

With her hands reached toward the sky amid a dusty plume, the television personality was seen showing off her slender body in a green fringed micro skirt and hot pink fringed tank top.

A fuzzy neon rainbow stole was carefully draped over Hilton's tanned shoulders as she smiled into the sunlight.

It's in the sale too so you'll be getting a bargain.

Click (right) to snap it up and wear with high waist jeans and sneakers for a daring daytime look. The Beverly Hills resident added a bondage style strap over her top and dirty black platform boots.

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