Who is katy tur dating

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The real estate mogul/reality show star punctuated his insults by calling out “Katy Tur!

NBC News correspondent Katy Tur, who decamped from the network’s London bureau this summer to cover the Trump campaign full time, got a sour taste of the candidate’s grievances and belligerence Monday night, notably his rather disturbing attempt to incite the mob against her, at a rally in South Carolina.“Little Katy, third-rate journalist,” Trump declared during a bitter peroration about the “absolute scum” who allegedly populate the news media and report “dishonestly” on his triumphal march to the White House.

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Katharine Tur is a leading American newscast reporter serving as the journalist for NBC News, linked in New York City.

Katharine is an anchorwoman of MSNBC Live and she publishes for all stages of NBC News, holding Early Today, Today, NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press, WNBC-TV, MSNBC, and The Weather Channel. Katharine has not shared much information about her parents, their occupation, her childhood days and family history. Discussing her educational achievements, Katharine graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

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