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It also allows you to pause and rewind live TV for up to 30 minutes.The box has access to apps like BBC i Player (but notably not Netflix).It can stream movies and TV programmes through broadband, has apps for BBC i Player and other catch-up channels, Sky News and Curzon Home Cinema.To get the best from this box you can subscribe to Amazon Prime (£79 a year) which offers lots of movies and shows including many high-quality originals.Before the end of the year, Apple will launch its TV app in the UK which gathers together all your programming – purchased i Tunes programmes, Netflix content and more – in one place.This box doesn’t have an aerial connection so terrestrial channels aren’t available here.

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Available content varies widely: the app to look out for is Netflix, available on all but the Sky and NOW TV boxes.Amazon Prime Video has a persuasive amount of great content, too.This is the latest, top-of-the-range, fully-featured box from Sky.Sky requires a monthly subscription but other boxes here can deliver streamed programming free of on individual purchase, though Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have subscription-only content, too.None of these boxes will show regular TV apart from the NOW TV Smart, Humax and Sky Q boxes, but all will deliver movies and TV shows via broadband.

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