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After the event, dinosaurs became extinct while more nimble and adaptive small reptiles, birds and mammals survived. We believe a P-E (pharmaco-economic) event will occur, where the US government institutes legislation requiring demonstrated product outcome and prices based on patient value.

In this case, the concepts of product, customer, and price are redefined.

To complete the organizational separation of quality from operations on a corporate level, 24% of companies have elevated the Chief Quality Officer to the level of direct report to the CEO.

A route-to-the-top analysis indicates that this is a narrow field of specialization, as the vast majority comes through internal promotions from within the pharma company’s quality function, by having their roots in quality (83%) and/or technical laboratory analysis (50%) (see Figure 4).

To spot potential issues before they emerge, the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer assesses the value chain for the possibility of behaviors that violate ethical or regulatory mandates.In the post P-E event era, the industry will be governed by brand new rules, which will require pharma companies to adapt to avoid going the way of the dinosaur.The old model of single-pill solutions and lifecycle management to drive innovation will give way to more agile companies that are driving whole-patient, or “beyond-the-pill,” services and novel therapies.This changed business environment will also require a new set of leaders that are patient-centric driven, have greater content and scientific expertise, and can understand insights from the vast amount of real-world data generated by products in the market.In order to navigate through this upcoming disruption, we believe pharma companies are already creating new roles and seeking new types of leaders to guide the transformation and adapt to the change.

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