Self consolidating concrete scc

Utility Concrete Products specializes in Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC), also known as Self Compacting Concrete, which is a high-performing concrete that can be poured into place flowing over obstacles such as heavily reinforced structures and into complex forms with little or no vibration needed without segregating.

These features make Self-Containing Concrete highly workable.

At UCP we are achieving excellent results with our Self-Compacting Concrete mix, delivering consistent, exacting results for every project.

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) does just as it says; it consolidates itself as it flows into place without separating.

Flowable concrete has proven to deliver jobsite cost savings, better overall performance and greater design flexibility than other concretes.

Selecting Self-Consolidating Concrete over a conventional mix does not compromise the durability and strength of the product.

Much of the experimental work to date on SCC has focused on gray cement, but there are opportunities for white cement formulations.

Conventional concrete is placed using vibrators to fill the forms.Modern structural elements are often designed with congested networks of reinforcing steel, requiring the high-flow characteristics of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) to prevent voids and honeycombing.The ASTM C1621 J-Ring test, together with the C1611 Slump-Flow test, determine the passing ability of SCC, defined as the ability of the concrete to flow under its own weight to completely fill all spaces within the formwork.The need for this technology has grown as designers specify more heavily reinforced concrete members and ever more complex formwork.Honeycombing or exposed reinforcement in structural walls or columns is a constant concern in these structures.

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