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and left her native Australia at 17 to pursue that career internationally.

She lives in Paris, is represented by the Storm modeling agency (which also represents Elle Macpherson and Kate Moss), and continues her career while in London, having been featured in many top fashion magazines in Europe.

However, in an interview conducted subsequent to the season's completion, Jay accused the pair of "[trying] to hide it from the cameras" and commented that "the directors got all pissed off about it.

It brought an uncomfortable element to the house", with Mike adding his opinion that "[they both] lied to all of us".

The cast is also the only cast to be predominately made up of non-Americans, with three Americans, two Britons, a German and an Australian.

Producers considered 25,000 applicants for casting. The seven selected were not well-acquainted with the series.

He also says he dislikes America, remarking that he finds that Americans' upfront friendliness "smacks of insincerity", In Episode 7, Neil responds to a drunken male heckler during a Unilever performance by leaning over and French kissing him.Responding to the accusation that this was motivated by jealousy, he stated in an interview, "I'm not attracted to [Kat] in the slightest", with Kat also referring to the suggestion that Mike had a crush on her as being "rubbish".Lars works for an event and marketing agency while attending the University of Berlin, where he studies communications and North American studies.The Real World: London is the fourth season of MTV's reality television series The Real World, which focuses on a group of diverse strangers living together for several months in a different city each season, as cameras follow their lives and interpersonal relationships.It is the only season of The Real World to be filmed in the United Kingdom.

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