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#Upper West Side #Washington Heights #Queens College #Stern. But they certainly will not change if we don’t start talking about them at our Shabbat tables and on our newsfeeds. One Saturday night she meets a guy at a mutual friend’s birthday party and they connect on Facebook. Either he’s interested, in which case he says yes, or he’s turned off that she was so forward and he declines.Its function as a one-stop dating resource is what makes YUConnects unique.With a friendly office, housed on the campus of Yeshiva University, it arranges unique social events and educational forums, conducts academic research, and offers guidance through the assistance of YU’s , faculty, and experts.At the breakfast, chaired by Margie and Rabbi Aaron Glatt, Laurie and Robert Koppel, Esty and Robert Levinson, Evelyn and Averim Stavsky, and Malky and Jay Spector, Malky spoke eloquently about the lack of networking opportunities for the current generation.“With limited opportunities for our kids to meet, YUConnects fulfills a vital niche for this generation,” she explained in herto YUConnects. Efrat Sobolofsky and Margie Glatt detailed the ways YUConnects provides a kosher environment for these meeting opportunities and is responsive to the needs of the entire community.

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On Sunday morning, April 26, over 200 community residents turned out to do something positive and constructive by demonstrating their support for an organization that is changing the Orthodox dating world.

I think in our community those conversations would be awkward as well.

But, it was also probably awkward the first time a woman raised her hand in a Harvard Law School class back in 1950 or the first time a woman was seen in a police uniform. Watson’s suggestion was that it’s time we own the awkwardness instead of having it own us.

YUConnects, which is open to the entire Jewish world, not just Yeshiva University students, is much more than a matchmaking website.

In just a few years of existence, it has made 199 engagements (!

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