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illustrate that connections to the websites of the World Economic Forum, the Organization of American States (OAS), and an online-dating site ( failed consistently from Zambia’s MTN network across the testing period, while failure rates from control vantage points were below 1%, indicating that these sites might have been blocked.

Pornography and sites supporting LGBT dating also appeared to be inaccessible throughout the testing period, and such blocking can potentially be legally justified under Zambia’s aimed at identifying “middle boxes” capable of performing internet censorship, did not reveal the presence of censorship equipment.

The following sections of this report provide information about Zambia’s network landscape and internet penetration levels, its legal environment with respect to freedom of expression, access to information and privacy, as well as about cases of censorship and surveillance that have previously been reported in the country.

The remainder of the report documents the methodology and key findings of this study.

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In practice, however, press freedom can potentially be limited by various statutes.

This principle raises concerns, as (Part XI, “Interception of Communication”) includes details about how lawful interception is carried out, generally requiring a court order (Article 66).

Article 65 of the Act establishes the Central Monitoring and Coordination Centre, which manages and aggregates all authorised interceptions of communications, and which is operated by the department responsible for Government communications.

However, this does not mean that censorship equipment is not present in the country, but just that these particular tests were not able to highlight it’s presence.

Zambia is , conducted a study to examine whether internet censorship events occurred during the election period.

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