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Scooter slipped out her home on the south coast of England one night in the summer, BBC News reported, and turned up the next morning on a nearby lawn - sliced down the length of her belly, entrails pulled out and piled up beside her, laid there to find like some sort of sick message.

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But he has no doubt the killer exists and has even worked up a psychological profile.The next hundred years brought further changes as the record shows 'Mersteham' and 'Merstam' followed by 'Merysham' and 'Merystham' in the fourteenth century.In the succeeding decade the y was dropped, subsequent names being 'Mersham' and 'Mestham', until 'Mearstham' and 'Maestham' appeared in the eighteenth century.And last month, a forensics laboratory at the University of Surrey began to reexamine the bodies of dozens of cats thought to be linked to the case. The operation has its detractors, the BBC notes - with some accusing the volunteers of exaggerating the problem or questioning how one person could kill so many cats.But that hasn't stopped the mutilations, or the effort to find a serial killer.

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