Free chat rooms for sex in worcester

Some adults are aware of this and use these sites to target these adolescents and entice them into sexual liaisons.

Even with undercover stings, the number of online predators does not seem to be decreasing, Detective Mc Laughlin said. Von Erck said his organization has made agreements with several law enforcement agencies across the country, including Massachusetts, to help set up arrests.

Experts say the perceived anonymity of the Internet, coupled with the thrill of risk, gives sexual deviants an easier way to troll for potential victims.

The unlimited access to prey is combated by law enforcement agencies ready to snare sexual predators in the Web.

Policy is not to disclose the names of the organizations, he said.

FBI affidavits also show that, with a few subpoenas, someones fake online identity can be deconstructed.

Someone can be whomever one wants to be in an online chat room. OHare claimed to be a man named Dan when he chatted with the fictitious teen, and said he worked in Lexington. OHare, a Lancaster resident, was a state trooper at the time of the chats working out of Troop C headquarters in Holden. 24 arrest outside the Meadow Glen Mall in Medford, Sgt. He has left his Lancaster home and is living with an aunt in Arlington.

The anonymity is huge, said Xavier Von Erck, director of operations at, a volunteer group that works with police to catch online predators. Mc Laughlin, a Leominster native and well-known cyber-detective, said some pedophiles might have resisted the temptation before the Internet existed.

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One also had to get the child to comply with the behavior as well, but the Internet eases these steps.A SELF-confessed porn addict from Worcester who downloaded thousands of indecent images of children has been ordered to undertake a sex offender rehabilitation course.Police raided the home of Owen Mackenzie in November last year and found more than 3,500 images including some of girls as young as six, Worcester Crown Court heard.You dont feel the inhibitions because you feel anonymous, Detective Mc Laughlin said.Going online also gives the appearance the risk is lower than the gain, the detective said.

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