Dating an angry man

Our first dive was cancelled the next afternoon due to high winds and waves, but not before Simone nearly had a meltdown trying on the rental wetsuit, deeply unhappy as she struggled to get the wrinkled, skin-tight neoprene up over her legs and hips.Of course, having me whisper, “Take a deep breath, please calm down,” didn’t make things any better.Applying early demonstrates enthusiasm, but it doesn’t necessarily improve a student’s chances for admission (from what I understand).And though I hope that her top school will accept her, with less than a 7% acceptance rate, there’s a chance it won’t happen.Speaking of mustaches, I took mine and Simone down to the Florida Keys over Thanksgiving week for a bit of diving and a ton of seafood.I was actually concerned that my scuba mask wouldn’t seal well over the lip monster, but it was fine.We ended up putting away a pound or two of stone crab claws at a picnic table outside a fish market before meandering down the Keys in our little car and taking in the sights.

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The sun bounced rainbows off the rooster tail wake behind the boat as we left the quay and headed out to open water.

Simone didn’t have strong feelings about the adventure either way, which was maddening and, well, expected.

So there we were, driving down the Overseas Highway with the windows open, bellies full of fresh mango and a guanabana milkshake from the Robert is Here fruit stand, a Spanish radio station’s latin pop cranked to be heard above the wind mussing our hair, Simone translating song titles and snippets of lyrics, both of us smiling and laughing.

minimal scene time, arrive at hospital to find this note…

this patient was TIME-CRITICAL.” Mr Hassan said he snapped on finding he was blocked by the ambulance because he had to get to an appointment.

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