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It is not the same language as or even similar to Bengali as is often proposed in the Burmese national narrative.

Rohingya scholars have successfully written the Rohingya language in various scripts including Arabic, Hanifi, Urdu, Roman, and Burmese, where Hanifi is a newly developed alphabet derived from Arabic with the addition of four characters from Latin and Burmese.

Part of this is identity is the Bengali alphabet and standard Bengali language, which unites the Hindu and Muslim of both West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Until the 20th century the Muslim elite of Bengal traditionally aspired to speak Urdu, with Bengali nationalism being relegated to the Hindu middle and upper classes.

But quite often its international pieces lack historical and cultural context, and don’t impart the heart of the matter to readers.

(see: The New York Times flubs basic facts about Islam) First, the simple part.

But the clear evidence that the Rohingya are related to Bengalis is that they look Bengali. The Buddhist kings of Arakan styled themselves Sultans, and employed the forms of the Turco-Persian Mughal court.

I say civilization here for a specific reason: the Theravada Buddhist system which is inextricably interleaved with the ethnic identity of the Burmans, Mon, Rakhine, and Shan ethnicities did not encompass some of the “hill tribes” who remained outside of the pale.

Manam Hpang, author of an English-Kachin-Burmese dictionary, said the Kachin had an acute sense of persecution as Christians in a Buddhist land.

During military rule, the government built Buddhist pagodas across the state and tried to censor a Burmese version of the Bible, including a ban on the Burmese word for “Proverbs,” because it was the same word used in Buddhist texts.

Unlikely the Rohingya these are not racially distinct, as they intermarried with the native populations.

I have read that Aung San Suu Kyi is in part descended from assimilated Muslims.* Let me end with a quote from In 2009, a Burmese diplomat who was then consul general in Hong Kong sent a letter to local newspapers and other diplomatic missions calling the Rohingya “ugly as ogres.” The diplomat, U Ye Myint Aung, compared the “dark brown” complexion of Rohingyas with the “fair and soft” skin of the majority of people in Myanmar.

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