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The present United Brethren Church is descended from the minority who organized under the leadership of Bishop Milton Wright.They eventually adopted two of the changes that led to the division of 1889 - local conferences have proportional representation at General Conference, and half of the delegates are laypersons.Francis Asbury, bishop of the Methodist Church in America, spoke at the memorial services of both of these United Brethren bishops. The United Brethren took a strong stand against slavery, beginning around 1820.After 1837, slave owners were no longer allowed to remain as members of the United Brethren Church.At that conference in 1800, they adopted a name, the United Brethren in Christ, and elected Boehm and Otterbein as bishops of the conference.The United Brethren Church claims this organization in 1800 as the first denomination to actually begin in the United States, rather than be transplanted from Europe.The Wright-led faction (The Church of the United Brethren in Christ, Old Constitution) continues today as a denomination of about 550 congregations, with 47,300 members in fifteen countries.

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In 1853, the Home, Frontier, and Foreign Missionary Society was organized.

They believed that the other delegates had violated the Constitution (and, in effect, withdrawn from the denomination), and deemed themselves to be the true United Brethren Church. Most of the congregations that sided with Wright lost their property.

Wright led this group—estimated at 10,000-20,000 constituents—in those early years as they reorganized.

A new headquarters began taking shape in 1897 in Huntington, Ind., with the establishment of a publishing house, national offices, and Huntington College. Until 1946 two groups operated under the name Church of the United Brethren in Christ, distinguished by whether they were under the old constitution or the new constitution.

Both claimed 1800 as their founding date (with heritage dating to 1767) and the same history up to 1889.

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