Teen dating does he like me

You just enjoy hanging out together and let your friendship deepen.

She may get what you are saying and dump her boyfriend, on the other hand you could be mean and start dating someone who would make her jelous, then she would probably come springing back. Im pretty sure it means that he still has a crush on you and is quite shy in front of his friends or other people incase they make fun of him.

If he decides that he likes you more than the girl he's with, then great; just don't try to make them their break up or it could all end in tears.

They would usually mess with girls that don't like them because...a) They like the girl and are trying to hint that to them, but boys aren't very good flirters so you will have to try and guess or...b) They are obnoxious twirps and are full of themselves so are trying to get the prettiest girlfriend...

We're more mean and tough than guys (believe it or not) but don't hurt us..can get mad very easily.   == Answer ==   Good luck man you're going to need it.

a couple of weeks and she still hasn't given you an answer. It seems like she might not be returning the feelings.

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