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Mc Adoo finished with five points in just over four minutes.Korkmaz, who was recalled from the Delaware 87ers ahead of the game against the Kings, made his NBA debut Saturday night, playing the final moments of the game.We also learn that Jonas ascribes his fame to "a combination of hard work, dedication, right place and right time, and a lot of luck." He shares that when he was six, his mother was getting her hair done, and someone at the salon heard him singing.Jonas was put in touch with an agent, and soon began performing on Broadway before starting his eponymous band with his brothers.He also drives a red 1960 Thunderbird convertible, which he can pick us up in any time. That might sound like old news, but what we hadn’t heard was confirmation from the the mom-to-be herself that she and boyfriend Tristan Thompson have a baby on the way. “I simply had to trust in Him and be patient,” she said.

He was surprised to learn that fans Google this question, "is nick jonas wedding bells about miley" so often that it's a top Google result. "So there you go." Jonas and Cyrus began dating in 2005 and were together for about two years.Mc Adoo, who signed a two-way contract with the Sixers, made his season debut against his former team.Before the game, the Warriors presented Mc Adoo with his championship ring, earned when he played for Golden State last season.The reserve unit was a large part of the Sixers’ staying with the Warriors in the first half.With none of the Sixers starters able to break double digits in the opening two quarters, the bench scored a combined 25 points as the Sixers went into halftime trailing by just one point against the defending NBA champions.

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