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The Midland was financially helped in its takeover bid by the London & North Western Railway – whose engines included "Columbine", seen here.

The London & North Western also offered the use of Birmingham New Street station in return for keeping the Great Western off its territory.

You resolve that no consideration will ever tempt you to bring your horses again by Railway where there is a "break of gauge".

This experience was shared up to a point by many junction stations on the fledgling British railway network but it was the impact of the Break of Gauge on freight traffic which most dismayed its users. the removal of goods owing to the Break of Gauge is even more irksome than that of passengers.

Paddington’s plan was to create a Broad Gauge line all the way to Birmingham and perhaps Liverpool but wide bodied expresses were never to run that far, as the Great Western offered only 60.00 for each Bristol and Birmingham share instead of the 65.00 that the amalgamated company asked for.

This followed the approximate line of what is currently Trier Way and consolidated the influence of the Midland Railway on the Eastern side of Gloucester Docks.

From its start pandemonium reigned at Gloucester, now at the centre of a railway route stretching from Tyneside to the Exe.

If the Twentieth Century’s jet age brought the expression "Breakfast in London, Dinner in New York, Luggage in Bermuda" then "Lost at Gloucester" became synonymous with the problems of travel in Victorian minds."Gentle Reader, if you wish to know what a break of gauge is, a journey between Birmingham and Bristol will make you very sensibly conscious of it.

Where it does not absolutely prohibit the traffic the transhipment involves loss, pilferage, detention, besides a money tax of 1/6 to 2/6 per ton, as we have learned from the statements of Messrs Pickford and Horne the greatest carriers in the World.

An old carrier thus graphically speaks of the contents of a goods train and the shifting of them:".is found at Gloucester that to tranship the contents of one waggon full of miscellaneous merchandise to another, takes about an hour with all the force of porters you can put to work upon it.

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