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She arrived from New Orleans Friday evening by bus. Old Mattresses Renovated Clements Mattress 1106 Nelson St end. To suspend cables to entangle o enemy planes KEY TO QUIZ 1. Accused of high treason and be- ing tried for the defeat of France are - - ? How are the British using bal- loons In the defense of Britain? and Neo- Have Airport Plans are ncaring completion for an airport which Is to be located of the S. This airport will be a great aid in Instructing th? There were about a dozen boothes on the first and second floors. Three boys entered a hog-calling contest, but Grady Whitfield called the loudest and won the prize. We M announced the honor roll for the first six weeks. Petals Departmental H-eads Are Chosen The Sunflower Petals staff was chosen by a meeting ol representa- tives elected from the various classes; the sophomore class having four representatives, the freshmen three, and the senior and Junior high school classes having two and one respectively- Those chosen were: Editor, Harold Turnagc: Business Managei, Bunt Townsend; Awocl- ate Editor.'^, Elisabeth Wood? Moorh«ad won 6 tn o Sunflower received the openliig kickoff which went out of bonndit on their 30 yard line. Is she too loud (or the boys, or the boys not loud enough for her? has claimed, paid us a visit Satur- day morning accompanied by her guest Miss Carol'n Templeton. the word "Gull" was sj-nonomous with "Coxcomb" or In more modem vern-icular.

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He might stumble ovei the one you leave on the Uoor. -t I 4m — i Municipal Cold Storage Frozen Food Lockers DREW. We intend to mention these ^^^^ ^ as tojeave sophomores from time to time and ^^^^ ^^^^ ^.^^ tell you the things that make them attention may be called to you and possibly that new red checkered shirt and orang; pants. Last year she was a member of the "Petal" staff and is picttired in the Retrospect as one of the favor- ites. o SOPHOMORES ON PARADE We Freshmen have come to know many sophomores who are out- standing in various things such as sports, scholarship, and general ability. We salute: Bebbe Gilmer, a lovely patrician type blonde from Indian- ola. Do you tl eii leave the crowd wlilch by now is in the grandstand where everyone may sit, for no distinction of better classes is made here (On the way High School Club News COMPLIMENTS PLANTERS BANK & TRUST CO. Last year she was vocal- ist with the college orchestra. She is an active mem- ■thelr feet or hats in the way, do not hesitate to tread on them. This will again leader oi tne Merely serve to put you before the also a member of the band. Wl Utams and Holland- Other players are: Ellis, RImmer, Conger, Re Uers. Rimraer's mother with us last week [ friends with loud cries In order that BELZONI. .4* t I Dependable Service Sunflower Grocery Company DREW. After the game is started, though, everyone is sliouting and it would not be seemly for one, of your social posi- tion to participate In anything so vulgar as group shouting. She is a valuable member of the choii and is certainly to be consider- ed in connection with the Lee's girl vocal solo. Indianola Lumber Company Phone 140 wrappers and pi:anuts at you, but pay them no heed.

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