Dean sherman and dating

Rory's lack of emotional investment in her long-term squeeze and the subsequent lack of guilt she felt for cheating on him was tough to swallow for some longtime fans of the show.

(Sherman-Palladino and Palladino addressed some of that Rory criticism here.) However, to get both sides of the argument, Have you gotten a chance to watch the episodes yet?

It wasn't just cast too, it was crew and everyone sort of just coming together and catching up with old stories.

There was one scene that I did that I don't believe made it which was in the living room, and Babette was there and I believe I was fixing some computers and that was a big cast scene.

You play such an important part because on the original series, viewers became incredibly invested in Rory's various boyfriends over the years. And then there's such a big payoff when you get to see Logan for the first time.

Was there ever a point where you got some background from Amy about what does Paul do, where does he live? Yeah, no, I don't really know much about Paul either. He is a bit of device, you know, to further this storyline, but no, I didn’t really know too much about him at all.

The way I kind of approached it is Paul is this nice guy who cares about Rory and is perhaps trying to force something that's simply not there.

It's so exciting to get to work on her material.

How was it diving into that material and that pace again after all these years, particularly with these core members of the cast like Lauren and Alexis?

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