Delicious hotlist not updating

Play Tagger - Allows you to play bookmarked MP3s from Delicious on your site.

Tagometer Badge - Powered directly by Delicious, this badge will show off your tags and how many saves you've made to each.

This is the kind of experience diners seek out from anywhere in the city, even though it could easily be a quiet neighborhood favorite.

Delicious, a powerful social bookmarking tool, has been around for what seems like forever, and while it may not get as much press as Digg, it still has an extremely active and loyal group of users.

Delicious Preview - A tabbed third party widget that will let you see the hotlist, popular, recent and the tag cloud.

Popular Bookmarks on Delicious - See the most popular recent bookmarks on Delicious in this third party widget for your site.

" This month, the answer includes Capitol Hill's Bok a Bok fried chicken expansion, Japanese spot Fremont Bowl, and West Seattle pizza bar Supreme.

Here are over 80 tools for everything from your mobile device to your blog, and more, that can help you view your bookmarks in new and unique ways, backup your bookmarks in a secure location, take your bookmarks with you on the go, blog about your most recent saves, and then some.Note: Map points are listed geographically, not ranked. Show it some love in the comments or send an email to the tipline.For all the latest Seattle dining intel, subscribe to Eater Seattle's newsletter.They continue to explore what their API is capable of with tools such as Blog Posting, which they are still testing.Blog Posting - An experimental tool from Delicious that will allow you to set up a daily posting of your most recent bookmarks to your blog.

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