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Meanwhile, reporter Rebecca Taylor tried out the Victoria line, Northern line, and Circle line as well as the Hammersmith and City and the District.

No sooner had she boarded the Victoria line than someone asked about the badge - a young woman who was London born and bred, and think we need to talk to each other more.

The first time I teared up on the London Tube, I was embarrassed.

I’d just moved there from Chicago, where people pretty friendly, so I assumed that a kindly stranger would approach me and ask if I was okay.

If said yes, I’d obviously be lying, because who sobs uncontrollably when they’re okay?

If I said no, I’d have to explain why, and that meant I’d have to start at the very beginning. The 42-year-old is originally from a small town in Colorado, but has been working in London for several years, according to .

By the time I’d finished my story, this stranger and I might have built a lasting human connection and, ew, who needs that? I cried in peace as fellow commuters looked on, unmoved. Recently, Dunne created little badges with the question,“Tube Chat?

” written on them (similar to badges the city gives out to pregnant and disabled riders). Only drunks, lunatics and Americans talk on the Tube.

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And it can certainly break through the shroud of loneliness that tends to envelop big cities like London and New York.

Another man off to Heathrow to go on holiday was happy to tell our reporter about his upcoming travels and ask where she was from and where she was traveling.

Many of those who struck up or maintained conversations were either visiting London or not from the capital originally, which may have affected their willingness to talk.

But in a compelling rebuttal to Stark in Part of the argument against street harassment centers not on the sexual nature of catcalling, but on the imposition: the assumption that a stranger is willing to be interrupted, to engage with another.

Certain overtures that can qualify as street harassment — saying “hey,” or complimenting an item of clothing — are not so far off from those Stark recommends. Which brings us to the elephant in the room: As a petite woman, Kio Stark stands a better chance at having her overtures well-received than, say, a six-foot-tall black man.

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