Scientific match dating

Where as the fake male profiles of cheaters were more chastised.This pointed to the fact that some men merely want just sex, rather than a relationship.Certain days of the year act as litmus tests for many people in relationships.” According to the same study on the controversial site, the increase of men signing up to find a mistress the day before Valentine’s day was due to the stress that they feel society puts on men to deliver on Valentine’s day.

"The human brain can’t cope with that many choices ...

She believes that millennials are focusing on their careers over sex and love, and holding off on having regular sex until they're ready to commit to a serious relationship.

"The more you have to offer a person in terms of education and earning power and social net worth, the more likely you are to find a partner of higher 'mate value,'" Fisher said.

People are able to do these things due to something called “cognitive dissonance.” This is the act of separating the wrong that you do, and either trivializing it, or justifying it so don’t seem as bad. An experiment was published in January 2013 that proved that when people were made to feel bad about their past cheating, they saw it as such.

Whereas, if their behavior was rationalized, they were able to separate themselves from their own bad behavior leading them with thoughts like: Within the last decade, people have been using the fact that they have a sex addiction to justify their infidelity.

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