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After a second pass, more plumage features were noted including the throat color and a tentative identification was formed. Out of more than 40 feeding ports on the feeders hanging there, the bird chose to feed from the left-center port on the live cam feeder!This provided the first documentary evidence of the bird’s occurrence there (see: ). The Amethyst-throated Hummingbird normally occurs only in the mountains of eastern Mexico and is not know to be migratory.That announcement came just a few days later and within the first ten days of cam viewing, ten species of hummingbirds appeared on the cam!

We are still in the process of getting this report posted.Not what I really wanted but just the reality of our situation at this time in our lives.With that said we did have some success during the year.To see a list of my significant recaptures click here To download an article on the proper care use of hummingbird feeders by Carolyn Ohl-Johnson click here To see my identification, aging, sexing and data guide based on my west Texas data set click here To download a copy of Birds of the Trans-Pecos click here To download a copy of A Checklist of Texas Birds click here To see my Lucifer Hummingbird powerpoint presentation from the recent IBBA conference click here a special, once in a lifetime event occurred at our mountain property high up in the Davis Mountains of west Texas near Fort Davis.A juvenile male Amethyst-throated Hummingbird was spotted coming in to our vast array of feeders located there.

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