Stereotypes in dating

It is in part my acknowledgement OF these differences and institutional oppression why I write this].

For me personally, what I thought it meant to be a woman impacted my past relationships in many negative ways. I thought there was something wrong with me for not wanting to have kids. There's a GREAT Ted Talk on the intergenerational transmission of the whole "PMS" story in American culture here].

Transgender means the person does not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth.While you can see he's a total catch, something is missing with this one—a kind of chemistry you can't force. This gentlemanly guy goes out of his way to make you happy, so often that he somehow manages to zap the sex appeal right out of your relationship. Everything, even a fight with your best friend, can be made into a joke with this man, whose puns are limitless and comedic timing impeccable, if not uber-annoying.He's polite, kind, thoughtful—exactly the type of guy your mom has always envisioned for you and who you, despite your best efforts, view more as friend than boyfriend material. When it came to “that time of the month,” I was always blaming my sensitivity or moodiness on it [side note: Hormones and mood changes in women with menstruation is a GREAT example of where the issues of institutionalized oppression and some of my points meet. The amount and way I ate food was always something I felt was inappropriate for being a girl.Those are just a few examples - but these seemingly little rules and expectations I adopted really fucked me up in some pretty big ways in relationship.

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