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Hong Kong is a kaleidoscope of stories, intrigue and, of course, dramas.

For those who are not locally born, understanding its social, cultural and political issues can certainly be challenging. , which in Cantonese means to chat casually to help pass time, is your weekly place to find out more about this crazy, lovely and sometimes discordant place we call home.

The cute woman at the customs desk asked what I was in the country for.

Since I thought it was about 78 HKD to 10 US, which was pretty cheap. It was small in comparison to most hotel rooms in western countries, but it appeared clean and ordered. I then hid the key under the potted plant in the corner of the room.

One trending Canto phrase at the moment is “Kennedy”, but it has nothing to do with the name Kennedy or Kennedy Town in the western part of Hong Kong. The word “Kennedy” can be phonetically broken down into three words in Cantonese that sound similar to “kin” “lay” and “day”, which literally mean “absolutely off the ground”. So do excuse your local Cantonese friends when they say, “Thank you, you”.

This “Kennedy” is used to describe someone or an action that is totally detached from reality. It’s just another of those weird things that only Hongkongers say.

There has long been a debate over whether Cantonese lost out by one vote to Putonghua when the leaders of China’s 1911 revolution were deciding on which dialect to adopt as the new national language.

Sceptics have dismissed it as a myth, but it’s still a good story.

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