Dating chubbies

"So we made a tear-away short that guys could rip away and there was a Speedo underneath.We take items of clothing that people are familiar with and turn them into shorts." Some of the company's products also border on the absurd."When a guy throws them on, the stress and rigors of the work week can be put on hold for a bit." Rainer Castillo, who leads the merchandising, product design, and development teams for Chubbies, says the company always wants to innovate on shorts, and one way the it does that is through riffs on nostalgic items.

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Since then, Chubbies has had a steady growth curve, Montgomery says.

For example, Castillo says the company is working on an entire outerwear collection, including items like a rain-jacket short, a puffer short, and a sherpa short.

"These items are outrageous, but our customer knows they're going to find them nowhere else," he says.

Today, Chubbies has an ambassadors program, and has plucked more than a hundred college guys to help it continue to spread the word on college campuses.

If you walk around any big college campus when it's nice out, you're bound to see at least a few guys rocking Chubbies shorts.

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