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“I think there’s a lot of built […] Cardi B has had an impressive 2017, and she ended it with a hilarious visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The “No Limit” rapper, who is known for her vivacious personality and sense of humor, made the late-night host burst out into laughter (and even left him speechless at times!

Feminists of a certain age – Germaine Greer and Jenni Murray, most prominently – have dared to voice reservations about transgender people who claim to be “real” women, attracting rabid condemnation and threats of “no platforming” at universities which should be promoting free speech.

Now, they’ve been joined by Fay Weldon, who has just published a sequel to her 1983 classic novel She added that she had huge sympathy for women who transitioned to men: “They have a really hard time.” You might not agree with the writer’s comments, but she is entitled to an opinion, not to be derided outright by a leading transgender charity.

The story of Patricia Davies gives cause for hope: she’s lived her whole life as Peter, served in the army in the Far East during World War Two, got married at 21 and remained with her wife until she died.

Now 90, Patricia is wearing women’s clothes and has started hormone treatment. Nobody seems to bat an eyelid, they accept me as I am.” At last, a lone voice of reason.

In Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek of the Friday, December 23, finale, Kailyn must decide whether or not she can really let her ex back in.

I love dear old Barry Manilow – after a 39-year relationship with another man, the curiously youthful 73-year-old crooner has finally reached for the closet door handle and bravely stumbled into the brave new world of gender politics. Far from “disappointing your fans” by revealing you’re gay, you’d have probably pleased them more if you’d claimed your sexual preferences, or perhaps your gender identity, were “fluid” – that’s so much more contemporary. What a confusing world Barry Manilow has cautiously stepped into.

Supposedly everyone is equal and all sexual preferences are to be respected, but as soon as one set of barriers has been torn down, another bunch of people start complaining.

That’s fine, but sometimes those promoting gender neutrality can appear as narrow-minded as their critics.

It’s as if there’s only one way of entering this brave new fluid world: it’s on their terms, or not at all, in which case you will be shunned and derided as a reactionary bigot.

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