Stop attack intimidating shout macro

Now to make the macro part, go back to the Macro Window and now at the bottom there is a button for making a new macro, press this button to begin.

Now open your inventory and click and drag every piece of armor you want to change to into the tool bar.

I feel like dancing over this easier way to make macros.

So I am going to make a small dance routine and turn it into one command. /ui action toolbar Pane03; /alias Dance /startdance rhythmic; /pause 5; /floiurish1; /pause 20; /fourish7; /pause 20; /flourish 4; /stopdance; /alias Dance2 /startdance formal; /pause 5; /floiurish4; /pause 20; /fourish2; /pause 20; /flourish 6; /stopdance; Now when I type: /Dance or /Dance2 I will perform that whole dance routine.

Then it will stop, but you have to put it back on your tool bar in the same spot every time you want to use it again. This is how an alias works, you take a command or a whole set of commands you use a lot and make it into an alias.

Then when you type what you named that alias, it will execute the whole set of commands you told it too.

Take note of the case of the text, it is case sensitive.Now you have the option to stop every macro running (looping or just one that takes a long time to execute) or just one macro.To stop every macro you have running you can use this command: /dump Then if you want to stop just one looping or long running macro you can remove it from your tool bar by right clicking and holding till you see the remove command and you click to remove it. Being the evil person I am and making you type all that out, here is how you can use short cuts or alias's to make your macros shorter. There will then be a tab at the top of the window that came up that says macro, you click this tab. You achieve this by pressing Ctrl A at the same time.

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