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As I mentioned in an earlier blog, one fifty-something single woman who was in the audience for the PBS taping happily married her boyfriend just a few months after the show. v=S6kvrqf PKMU&feature=channel_page I'm typically a skeptic when it comes to things like meditation or self affirmation. even if it seems a little hokey it really does help improve self image, and not just in dateing situations, but in every day life.

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But for those looking to change their lives and really have success with women, pick-up lines, dating tricks and hook up techniques, will fall short of your expectations.

I always hear how girls have no confidence, and guys ask, "what's the matter with you girls?

" Well, I've met so many guys who have no confidence. Tell me, and I will tell you why you have no reason to feel this way. This questions with guys with no confidence, or don't like the way they look, or upset with themselves.

I used to be really crippled by blushing and self cosnciousness which had a big effect when talking with the opposite of sex, but having worked on myself using a vaired amount of self help processes, i'm 100% fine.

So many men that seek advice about dating are looking for sure-fire pick up lines and techniques to get women to fall for them.

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