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“I’ve found that’s the most impressive way to tell the story,” Jenn laughs.

This was never verified by doctors after his death, however, as grieving Victoria refused to allow a post-mortem to be carried out on her beloved husband.

So Rappaport took her findings, contained in a detailed 14-page medical dossier, to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford where Dr Chris Conlon, consultant in infectious diseases including typhoid, and Dr Simon Travis, consultant in gastroenterology, examined them in detail.

They pointed out that there are a number of similarities between the symptoms displayed by those suffering from typhoid fever and Crohn’s disease, including fever and severe abdominal pain, which may have accounted for confusion at the time.

‘What actually killed him though, in the last few days, was what killed so many people at the time, especially when weakened by illness: congestion of the lungs and pneumonia.

‘It’s time this highly underrated man was given the credit he’s due.

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