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The recent rise in thug culture also paints an ugly picture that acting thuggish is the key to a black woman’s heart.Many good, hard working men go long periods without sex, love and companionship thus becoming a blunt end of the joke – “ Nice guys finish last.” BUT in countries like Brazil, Black men finish first and will have no shortage of attractive women who want to date, hook up or marry them.The average woman looks SO attractive compared to the average American/Western female. If you live in the USA, then you are very familiar with the crazy high cost of living. Although I’ve been to France and Japan, which felt even more expensive due to the exchange rate. The Brazilian Realis is around 3.8 to 1 compared to the US Dollar ( USD/BSL exchange rate as of September 2015).That’s means each US Dollar is worth around 4 Realis.You actually almost triple your income by visiting Brazil due to a favorable exchange rate. Rent a hotel room in a safe neighborhood for only . After a few days of spending less money, you will also notice how much more relaxed you feel knowing you aren’t burning up your credit card or savings account.This gives you an advantage against locals because you earn your money in a stronger currency. Living in America is so stressful at times when you calculate how much money you spend each money. You deserve to experience a low cost of living to see if you prefer the USA rat race or a cheaper, less stressful lifestyle. For black men, Brazil is a hidden kept secret that is only experienced by a few adventurous travellers.Frustrated: The Movie does a great job of showing what Brazil has to offer black men.

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The point is Brazilian women dream of getting married and having children with a good man.

Brazilian women rarely get abortions and birth control is very uncommon.

They are more feminine, unlike American women who have become baby killing, drugged up sluts.

The worst thing a local Brazilian may do is pull a knife on you. African-Americans aren’t really Americans in a traditional sense.

Your stress levels decrease because you don’t have to worry about thugs stealing your Jordan’s or random mass killings like Sandy Hook or George Sordini. I realized how scary the USA has become and it only got worse once I returned to ATL airport. Many of us had ancestors who were captured and brought to the Americas in slave ships.

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    To the missionaries the Ojibwa were heathens to be converted to Christianity.