Updating oracle table from a join

There are two main categories of logical tables: fact and dimension.Logical fact tables contain the measures by which an organization gauges its business operations and performance.The recommended way to populate the Physical layer is by importing metadata from databases and other data sources.The data sources can be of the same or different varieties.The business model simplifies the physical schema and maps the users’ business vocabulary to physical sources.Most of the vocabulary translates into logical columns in the business model.This layer is where the physical schemas are simplified to form the basis for the users’ view of the data.The Business Model and Mapping layer of the Administration Tool can contain one or more business model objects.

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Each logical column (and hence each logical table) can have one or more physical objects as sources.

You can import schemas or portions of schemas from existing data sources.

Additionally, you can create objects in the Physical layer manually.

You now create the Presentation layer of the repository.

The Presentation layer exposes the business model objects in Oracle BI user interfaces so that users can build analyses and dashboards to analyze their data.

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