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From 1998 to 2002, she hosted the children's programme SMTV Live and its spin-off chart show CD: UK.In 2001, she won a BAFTA Children's Award for hosting SMTV Live.

when he came across the pelvis," said Kent Sundell, Casper College geology instructor and excavation co-supervisor.

The specimen was been named "Dee" in honor of Zimmerschied.

Founded in 1945, the college campus contains 28 buildings on more than 200 acres overlooking the city of Casper.

The bones were collected over a three-year period and then shipped to the Black Hills Institute (BHI) of Geological Research, Inc. Workers at the BHI carefully unpacked, cleaned, repaired, and, (in some cases) made casts of the various bones before putting the mammoth skeleton together for the display.

Deanna Schaff, interim director of the Tate Geological Museum, will begin the open house ceremonies, which will also include: Walter Nolte, Casper College president; Melissa Connely, dean of the School of Science; Sundell; J. Cavigelli, Tate Prep Lab manager; Paul Hallock, executive director of the Casper College Foundation; Mick Mc Murry, Nerd Gas Company; and Patti Wood Finkle, Tate exhibits specialist.

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