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Sadly, not many people mentioned Mihret while she was alive and was separated from her husband by the cruel regime since 2001. And so many, including the hyphenated affiliates of the rulers of Eritrea, repeat its propaganda and help erode natural values and freedoms, and maybe inadvertently help break up the family unit.

Now that she is dead, there is a flood of articles, poems and obituaries eulogizing her. Undeniably, some elements (and vested interest groups) abuse the natural affiliation of people and their natural identities, to wreak havoc among the people.

The Eritrean regime defines death depending on how loyal the dead persons is to the regime— based on the level of loyalty, the deceased is either martyred, or just “pass away”.

Without loyalty to the regime, a lifelong service to the nation doesn’t weigh much.

In the Middle Eastern cultures, people who die in a political conflict are considered martyrs whose soul go straight to heaven—no questions asked!

That is why when a government soldier or a rebel fighter die fighting against each other, both are considered martyrs by their respective parties—even if it is a civil war.

Here, the main observation is not necessarily concerning the blackmailed individuals per se, but the entire Eritrean society.

And Eritreans know that the awareness about their plight is a result of a dedicated and resilient struggle by people of goodwill, and Eritrean activists who made sure the victims are not forgotten.

Can an affected person, or anyone else for that matter, be consciously silent about the plight of the prisoners?

Importantly, what is the value of an Eritrean life and a citizen’s freedom?

Generally, followers of Abrahamic religions believe that the body perishes, but the spirit goes through a divine trial in the afterlife to either live eternally in heaven, with God, or receive varying degrees of punishments in hell.

And Atheists believe that the body decomposes and is reduced to its natural elements in a process of recycling, and finally it mixes with earth, water, and air.

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