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Don't let that scare you if you have a different version of SUSE, it is safe to assume that while the specifics found in these instructions will vary between versions of SUSE, the general idea will remain the same.I am currently using multiple versions of SUSE and I go through this site often to mention any version-specific points.Despite the fact that PHP 7.0 is a new major version, efforts have been made to make migration as painless as possible.This release focuses mainly on removing functionality deprecated in previous versions and improving language consistency.Below that are two boxes, if you've ever used a computer before, check "Manually Select Patches", on the following screen you'll be able to choose what you want and leave the rest.

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You will see a checkbox near the bottom that says "Remove Source Packages after Update"; check that box if you do not want to keep the source packages.

For supported Yum-based platforms (see Chapter 1, Installing My SQL on Linux Using the My SQL Yum Repository, for a list), you can perform an in-place upgrade for My SQL (that is, replacing the old version and then running the new version off the old data files) with the My SQL Yum repository.

As typical with new versions of shared libraries where there are differences or additions in symbol versioning between the newer and older libraries (for example, between the newer, standard 5.6 shared client libraries and some older—prior or variant—versions of the shared libraries shipped natively by the Linux distributions' software repositories, or from some other sources), any applications compiled using the updated, newer shared libraries will require those updated libraries on systems where the applications are deployed.

Below that, you'll see a field where you can manually enter an update location (for now leave this alone), it should currently show the URL of the update location you selected above.

You can also add a "New Server" or "Edit Server", again, for now, leave these alone.

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