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Luckily the shop I bought it from was understanding to ups’s ways and sent me another for free in a much much bigger and overpacked with support material for ups’s handling.But I can’t write a review based off one incident alone, so I gave them another try with my 2nd package.I realize this is the wrong section but I always post stuff here and didnt know where else to put this. I ordered some shoes from and they sent me an email with the order number and tracking number however both show up as "not working/invalid" when I click on them to go to UPS. They split my order into two shipped the shoes and backpack and the other shoes show up as processing. Updated app language for United States to include Español. We use social network permissions (i.e., your public profile info, email, Friends list, publish actions, upload video) so you can log into the app using your social network credentials, share the app with your friends lists, or send invites through your social networks.General bug fixes I understand that most 1 star reviews are just people blowing off steam from one issue they had but I can assure you this is not that.Hhahahaha hahahhahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha! No, I don't need tech support for worldship software or for printing labels or for shipping a package. Its either laugh or cry at this point and since it IS sort of silly that a company that can deliver packages around the world can't hire someone to create a useful, functioning mobile app I've opted to laugh!When I first seen the low rating of the ups app I assumed it must be a low quality app.

I'd used the app for some time but because of issues with it I deleted it.

But three minutes later, at a.m., my box was listed as being in Louisville, KY. I asked a (very accommodating) rep at UPS to explain how my package achieved a speed of 12,840 mph.

UPS's response to me begins with an impossibility, but then settles into more solid explanation: "Both scans are accurate.

Snow had the northeast frozen, figuratively and literally, and so I turned to to confirm my suspicion that my package wasn't going to arrive on time. To my befuddlement, UPS's tracking log had my goods breaking the laws of physics.

It showed an "arrival scan" in Newark, NJ, at a.m.

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