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In general, Facebook users resent "spammy" updates — in other words, sharing every single activity on your schedule and thought in your brain (“I just boarded the train”). These days, Facebook is a space for sharing valuable information and fostering conversation. Check out these additional resources on statuses and status etiquette: Although a major part of Facebook, friends are not the only entities with whom you can interact.

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Therefore, you won’t necessarily see updates in the order they’re posted, but in order of timeliness and “importance.” If you prefer to see things in chronological order, simply click the "Sort" option at the top of your feed and select "Most Recent." A status update is anything important to you at a particular moment in time that you deem shareable with Facebook friends.As you accumulate friends, Facebook will be able to suggest additional contacts as its algorithm generates connections among your growing network.You’ll see a list of suggested friends on Facebook’s homepage, in the “People You May Know” sidebar.One of the most recent changes Facebook made to its News Feed is the order in which updates appear.Facebook’s algorithm and your own activity determine what “news” is most important, and thus, whether it makes the top of your News Feed.

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