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Use poker to help you travel the world by ‘satellite-ing’ into great tournaments and really, truly enjoy it!

Then, even if you’re paying rather than winning, you’re getting a great experience out of it.

After playing poker for over 10 years myself, and spending time hanging out with or interviewing all the best players in the world, the common factor is that hard work pays off.

Every once in a while we’ll get an unknown player who shoots up to the top briefly on an incredible run.

Not everyone should go pro) then my other big piece of advice is to never lose the fun in the game.

Find places to play that you enjoy, build home games and communities around people who have a similar outlook to you.

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The key moment for me was actually right before poker.During her time in the US she eventually made her way to the gaming mecca, Las Vegas, where she began working with ESPN, hosting their WSOP coverage.But Europe came calling again, and Kara moved to Italy and then Slovenia with her husband a few years ago where they became heavily involved in local tournaments.Kara Scott isn’t your average sports broadcaster or poker player.This woman has had quite an incredible career journey so far and is rising up the ladder in not one, but two male-dominated industries.

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