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Lory Welch boards up an abandoned home in Gary, Indiana, on Tuesday, October 21.

According to police, this home on East 19th Avenue is where Darren Deon Vann allegedly left the body of Teaira Batey.

To attract extensive publicity, a serial killer almost has to stay on the loose for decades, kill a dozen victims or more, and engage in disturbing rituals or cannibalism.

Fortunately, such characteristics are even rarer than the fans they inspire.

Nowadays, most people avoid hitching a ride unless there is absolutely no alternative.

When was the last time you actually saw someone thumbing on the side of the road?

Even now, as in previous decades, so-called "linkage blindness" continues to prevent or at least delay recognition that a single killer may be responsible for widespread carnage.

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Technology has also provided greater safety for potential victims.

Cell phones and their photographic functions have added some level of protection from strangers.

At the same time, the greater public awareness of serial offenders has significantly increased the level of caution about accepting rides or gifts from total strangers.

As a result, enterprising entrepreneurs marketed serial killer "murderabilia," including calendars, trading cards, T-shirts, action figures, paintings and comic books.

As the public's fascination with serial killers has subsided, so has its preoccupation with more typical cases that do not yield double-digit body counts or particularly gruesome tortures.

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