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There is also my page 5 on De La Rue, page 12 on Goodall and page 17 on Waddington.3.Jokers I did not deal with jokers in my book, but they can also be useful aids to identification and dating. Top: Waddington's original joker, c.1923-35; Waddington's later design, printed in various versions, still in use today, c.1935 onwards; the Alf Cooke/Universal joker, printed in black and white, c.1925-35, then in three colours c.1935-70, with minor of the things that really irritates me is the poor dating of cards that you see over and over again on the Internet.On the other hand, it isn't an easy matter unless you are aware of some general guidelines in this area. Well, most people like to know roughly when the items they're collecting were made, whatever the item may be, and there are some areas, such as postage stamps, where there is a wealth of documented detail.It also seems to me to be unfair (if not illegal) to try to persuade the unsuspecting that they have a pack of, say, 1890, when, in fact, it was made in the 1920s.This particular mistake occurs a great deal in the descriptions of Goodall cards on e Bay; of course, 1890 sounds much better than 1925.

So, let's summarize: De La Rue before becoming a limited company: 1832-98.

The four main British manufacturers have the following dates: De La Rue 1832-1970; Goodall 1820-c.1956, though after 1922 their cards were, in fact, De La Rue products; Waddington 1922-1995, with the No1 brand being continued up to the present by Winning Moves; Universal/Alf Cooke 1925-1970.

De La Rue became a limited company in 1898 and Goodall in 1897, so any indication of that status (Ltd or Limd) must be after those dates.

Bottom: De La Rue's design, used without a frame c.1890-1910, then with a frame.

It's found with Goodall courts after the take-over, but seems to have been discontinued by c.1930; Goodall, c.1935-55, then in colour, c.1956-70.

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