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Catherine noted Sean turn toward Tom as he said this and wondered why he needed to wink at him but putting the matter to one side and ever the good hostess Catherine Dixon played the part, after all her young guests were friends of her son and she should look after them.Well, itm sure you are going to be of great assistance to us both, the tea though would be most welcome, said Sean.Unlike the previous occupants, who had been placed on the edge of the stage in a triangle like shape, these women were held in a straight line across the centre of the stage and she could see that as with herself the ankles of both these womens wrists were also encased in similar leather cuffs attached to ring bolts set into a wooden beam above their heads, spreading their arms uncomfortably wide apart above their heads whilst black rubber ball gags were secured around their mouths and necks, making any sound all but impossible .s beautiful face and after then brushing and styling the hair of each of them they were now fussing around all three women applying little final touches to their charges before leaving through the tunnel along with the Male assistants who had placed the three woman in position upon the stage,.s own eyes had now turned toward those of the older woman in sheer terror but then, as the drapes around began slowly rising, from beyond the drapes she heard the voice of the man on the lectern and in fear of being discovered the younger woman cast her eyes straight before her once again Around him many voices murmured agreement and approval whilst the Drapes continued to rise the stage began to slowly revolve and the lights darkened, leaving the room in total darkness before the before the Man at the lectern then continued.

Although, in certain respects, she was given no choice in the matter and the thought of this raised a little smile with her.After all she was only expecting a visit from friends of her sixteen year old son who boys through her son Dan had asked if she would agree to offer them guidance on their ambition to both seek a career in the teaching profession.Catherine herself had for a time been a math teacher at a private school for girls and she wondered if any advice she could give would be relevant these days.Dixon, said Tom, picking up the tea tray Catherine had prepared for them and once again Catherine marvelled at his good manners as she watched the young schoolboy carrying the tea tray back into the lounge.t know how much help I can be to you both given that my experienceshave been solely at an exclusive private school for girls.

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