Nikolai morozov dating

HOWEVER, she was underage and you would think that the Fed could at least have pulled Morozov aside and given him some sort of warning regarding his conduct.

Also, something about Elena comes off as a bit...classless to me.

Very funny, Zhulin also has the very same reputation, his 1st wife is his partner, his 2nd & 3rd are his students also. No, the Rus Fed thought that Morozov could help IK to reach the goal they want, that's why they called Morozov back to Russia to take IK, which part could the Rus Fed interfere in their personal lives? Funnier, they almost always trained in the US, If the whole relationship fails, this is their fault, why blame others for what they've done wrong?

I agree that the Fed cannot interfere in the personal lives of coaches or students.

if they had slowly gotten to know each other over a few years or even several months, THEN decided to date, I'd be more generously minded toward the whole thing. LEna's relationship and personal life is not our bussiness.

She has a right to choose whomever she wants, but we don't have a right to talk about it like that.

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