Dating a kigurumi

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During the course of this, they meet up with Satsuki and Fennel, who end up joining them.

Not only does this freak Hakka's poor brother out even more, it also makes it known that Satsuki is more than a little interested in Hakka.

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(Remember, Hakka is fourteen.) Hakka herself actually says that she's not at all ready for a serious boyfriend, which is a nice change from the boy-crazy heroine we're more likely to see (as well as an admission that her crush on the group's leader is much more innocent than we might have at first assumed), but it does compound the problem.

Both girls stand to learn a lot from each other, and their parallel character development should be interesting to watch, perhaps moreso than their individual moments.

The question then is how Satsuki, outwardly the calmest of the three students, will add to this mix; presumably volume three will give us a little more information about him. Playing with both magical team tropes and those of the romance genre, it manages to successfully combine them into a story that never feels too much like a spoof while also keeping away from excessive seriousness.

This is likely to become the next major character development point for Nobara as the machinations of the bad guys begin to play out with their new target.

She's going to have to learn how to channel her inner Hakka a bit in order to successfully fight alongside Basilico, although first she's going to have to see the value in not simply letting her more powerful partner carry the burden of the work.

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